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Ally Malpass

art director | brand and campaign specialist | design strategy


I’m a passionate art director with a finger constantly on the pulse and a penchant for the details. 

I’m a dedicated and inspired lover of work. I truly enjoy what I do as a creative - new technologies fuel my passion to continually learn and evolve. I love problem solving, leading, collaborating and sharing knowledge and skills with others. I am always working across multiple projects with differing time lines as which I love because I thrive in a high work flow environment where things are constantly moving. I am fluent in print, digital and social design and have designed across all platforms and audiences. I have worked autonomously and in teams of over 20, take pride in presenting beautiful content and love to immerse myself in a brand and its culture. 

My Work


Barre Body

brand identity | creative direction

Constantly evolving, designing within the exercise industry means consistent refreshing to stay relevant and current. 

Move Free - Campaign

creative direction

In order to excite and inspire in studio in a post covid world. We ran a week of free classes with over 1800 sign ups through the below activations.

2021 shoot

creative direction 
shot by ming nomchom

Celebrating diversity within our Barre Body community.


john holland

All design and artwork.

rebrand: residential and commercial

ray white

Direction of rebrand of commercial and residential brand.